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the revolutionary [translation]

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May. 4th, 2010 | 12:48 am
posted by: nearsightedness in blindsiding

Japanese->English translation of "The Revolutionary" by 9mm Parabellum Bullet.

the revolutionary

長い夜が明けた 革命の次の日
世界が変わっても おれはおれのままさ

The long night became dawn
Next day is the revolution
Even if the world changes
I'll stay as I am

朝日が染めたのさ 染めたのさ

I'll sit in the seat of a broken car
And take freedom into my hands
The face in profile next to me, asleep as though dead
Is dyed by the morning sun
Dyed by the morning sun

悪い夢が覚めた 革命の次の日
あなたが変わっても おれはかまわないさ

I awoke from bad dreams
Next day is the revolution
Even if you change
I won't mind

砕けたミラーを覗けば 昨日が遠ざかって消える
世界を変えるのさ 変えるのさ

If you look into a broken mirror
Yesterday grows distant and disappears
Before the face in profile next to me that's asleep as though dead awakes
It will change the world, one more time
We will change the world
Just as we like

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